Friday, 5 July 2013

I want to break free

I really need a break from this monotonous life of mine. I am seeing myself as a puppet where i am on a string for everyone. I want to break all the strings and run away to a place where i can relax and enjoy some moments of my life. At this point of time where my other friends are enjoying their life with their partners, i am sitting in office in front of this boring computer...getting bored... I am not in the mood to work today..
I want to go out for shopping, buy new clothes, have chinese food which is my favorite!!! :)
I also want to do something want to join chocolate making classes, i want to make colorful cards... go out on a a beach...I want to talk with someone...people are as usual busy in work...i can do anything but not work...
If not all these i simply want to go home and sleep..i am sick and tired of this...i am feeling sleepy!!!!
i am going crazy today and i need to break free!!!!!!!

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