Thursday, 4 July 2013

My monsoon wish list

As Monsoon is knocking at Delhi's door.. I have prepared my wish list for this monsoon. I love rainy season and love walking in the rain but thing which stops me doing that is that roads become quite messy during this season and i am very hygiene conscious..hehe..

Here are the few things which i really want to do which makes me happy in rainy days...

i just love sitting by the window and see rain pouring....and then i start imagining things which makes me even  more happy!!!

i always wanted to go out for a long drive with some one special and listen to the music which completely suits the weather.

chit chat with someone  over a cup of coffee..(of course the topics should  be interesting enough to make me sit and chit chat for a long time)...i love having maggie too in this season..:)

I love taking pictures of  wet plants, flowers,trees,rain etc etc..

i have always wanted to dance in the a small kid...i even like making paper boats and enjoy seeing them floating on the rain water.

i enjoy midnight rain especially when i am awake chatting with friends..

i enjoy reading when it rains.

 Going out for a picnic with family and friends.

i love wearing colorful and comfortable clothes in this season. may be a polkadot dress!! :)

shopping makes me excited very much

i want to enjoy rain with him!!!


  1. Hey shonali
    are u realllllly want these things in raaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn........
    and u want enjoy the rain with himmmm
    Who is the luckiest man
    By the way i like so much this
    and carry on.

  2. amazing blog.please come up with more beautiful posts like this

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