Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Things I want to do before I die....

I want to....

  1. Hangout with people who i love the most on a holiday to a hill station or a seaside for at least two weeks.
  2. Visit my dream place...PARIS with parents (Ahh....I so want to be there)..
  3. Have a cute little me...pets are  great stress busters...
  4. Do lots and lots of shopping for me and  family
  5. Make my dream job come true i.e. to become a french lecturer in Alliance Francaise.
  6. Marry the person whom i love the most and fulfill all our dreams together.
  7. Have a cute little house where my hubby and i can have a great time with our two kids.
  8. Have a small cozy reading room at my home.
  9. learn swimming.....
  10. learn to make chocolates and cakes...
  11. try new dresses
  12. write an autobiography 
  13. make lots and lots of friends...of course who are genuine and really love to be with me..
  14. ride a bike
  15. try different hairstyles 
  16. be a ROCK STAR!!! yeah!!!   

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