Thursday, 1 August 2013

A perfect shopping list!

Just like every  girl  i love  shopping. I am not a shopaholic but yeah shopping makes me happy. Today i am in the mood to shop a lot!!! Buy lots and lots of stuff! I want to make this day special by buying lots of good stuff...
so lets start our shopping!
A cool and funky Purse(branded one)...Oh God!! i have a huge craving for good purses. i love buying colorful bags.
A beautiful girly One piece dress..i will look for something colorful..something different yet sober :)
a cute top which i will wear with jeans
a cool pair of stelatoes..
 lip gloss and perfumes...i love perfumes!
a scarf which matches with every outfit i wear.
lots of books! romantic fiction

and last but not the least a small cute soft toy..hehe 

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