Saturday, 17 August 2013


someone has said it right " all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast"
My happiness to some extent depends on having a breakfast in a perfect way. I have always dreamt of having a breakfast with my soulmate where everything is nothing but PERFECT. I want to make my breakfast moment a perfect moment. I have always imagined me with my soul mate having breakfast under the beautiful clear sky where cool breeze touches us gently and the view is amazing.I see us enjoying the beauty of nature and having  our romantic moments. We are a happy couple having our happy moments..surrounded by peace, tranquility and love. Everything is so colorful around us. birds are chirping, flowers are blossoming and far away we could hear the sound of a water fall...from the decoration of the breakfast table to the menu of the breakfast, everything is paradisiac. the crockery is traditional with fine art on it and the food is just enchanting... the thought of it is making me so delighted.

i  see us wearing white...he is wearing a white shirt with off white trouser and i am wearing a beautiful off white gown  which is perfectly going with the ambiance and we are the perfect happy couple in the world ...i can't wait to have this moment is my life.. i want my plan to materialize soon....very soon.!!!!!

Every couple have some fantasies and dream which they want to attain with their partners.I have this one...making my breakfast moment...the most memorable moment..I want to experience the feeling of a princess at the breakfast table..


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