Monday, 5 August 2013

Always Listen to Your Heart

It was a friendship day. while everyone was  busy celebrating this day with their friends, she was sitting alone by her window watching the birds soaring high  in the sky.she was  one sweet girl with eyes full of hopes. she was a dreamer which made her more sensitive. Especially that day her eyes were searching for someone in the crowd. Her mobile inbox was filled with friendship day messages but that did not bring smile on her face. she wanted something else. she was expecting a call from him..he whom she loves the most and once they were the happy everything has changed for her.they are no more happy as they are not a couple anymore. she stared her mobile the same way a little puppy stares his empty dish hoping to get a food on it...his call was just like a food for her. tears rolled out from her eyes when she saw her hope of getting a call fading away..but somewhere her heart knew she would defiantly talk to him.
Last year was completely different for her.she had celebrated the day with her friends...most important of all he was with her to make her cheer and dance in happiness. this year no one was there to celebrate with her,click pictures and chat for long long hours. 
just one call from him would change her entire mood and would made her day brighter and colourful. she kept waiting and waiting but nothing happened. disappointments were surrounding her.
suddenly she mustered enough courage to text him. she received a reply from him which made her smile little. she consoled herself that at least from his side she has tried to break the ice. A few minutes later she could not believe her eyes..he actually called her and talked to her for long time which made her entire day..she was feeling the butterflies, yet she was sooo happpyyy... 
she decided to always listen to her heart.. she got what she wanted because her heart told her to take the first step..

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