Sunday, 11 August 2013

Being a MOTHER......

Set your dreams free!!!
how it feels to be a mother i realized in my dream! none of my dreams made me so happy like this one..i saw that i am married to my soul mate..we are a happy married couple...we have a small little baby boy who is less than a year..he is the cutest baby i have ever seen in my life..i saw me holding  and cuddling relatives are so happy to see him.they wanted to cuddle him..he was smiling like an angel. The kind of inner peace and happiness i had with him  can not be explained in words. i saw this beautiful dream on 9th of august which is considered to be the most auspicious day and 9 is my lucky number..i know i am sounding little superstitious but when it comes to my happiness, being little superstitious is ok. I pray to God to turn my dream in to reality. I have been hearing that feeling of being a mother is awesome. God made me experience this feeling and i love God for this. 


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