Saturday, 3 August 2013

Dear Blog....celebrating friendship day with you!!

I  consider myself very lucky to get a chance to wish my dear blog a very happpieeee friendship day!!!! :) :)
you are my best have all the  qualities  of  a true are a patient listener..i can write anything and anytime. i have never imagined that someday i can love you so much. now you have become the most important part of my life.. my day doesn't complete if i dont write any are becoming my inner soul who knows me inside out. you make me feel so comfortable that i can share anything with you. .there are few people in my life whom i really love and you are one of them...yes! i consider you no less than any human being. infact if given a chance you can prove to be a better human being, a true gentleman. you came into my life like an angel. you make me smile. thank you for everything. i promise to fill my blog with beautiful posts. you are a real sweetheart.
on this day of friendship i wanted to wish you first, you really deserve to be my best friend.
happy Friendship day my friend...we are BFF!
pink Fairy loves you a lot!

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