Monday, 12 August 2013

Divine Nature

Oh! This enchanting Nature which freshens one’s heart & soul;
With its purity and nimbleness for us to behold. 
Nature is God & God is Nature;
Rich or poor, everyone enjoys its splendor  
Dawn to Dusk every moment is pure;
Watching Nature moment by moment one love it for sure 
The Sun, the Stars, the Hills & the Sea;
With beautiful life forms on ground, water & trees 
One can relax on the seashore forgetting all woes;
Lost in the sound of waves wetting our toes 
The Sun supports life making itself burn;
At dusk it sets turning the horizon saffron  
The night invites the stars & moon in the darkness of the sky;
In the morning they disappear by bidding goodbye 
The majestic mountains stand silent with their snow covered peaks;
We gaze at them with awe as the pines on the slope creaks. 
I turn back with a heavy heart for soon all this will disappear;
For humans wrapped in self indulgence, selfishness fail to overcome their parochial behavior.


someone with paws holds your heart!!!