Saturday, 3 August 2013

Frisky...My little angel

A very special part of my baby, frisky...he is  my teddy... i love him so much.. i got him on 2011 and since then he has become my baby. i cuddle him,pamper him,take care of him like a mother who takes care of her new born baby....happiest thing is that not only me but people around me feel the  same for frisky.. they keep asking about frisky..want to click pictures with him which makes me a proud mother...hehe..i talk to him  a lot...i have celebrated teddy day with him, tied a friendship band .. i just love everything about him.....he is very close to best friend ...i will always be with him.
some of you might consider me kiddish but i believe there is no age to hug and cuddle a teddy bear..after all soft toys are the most huggable creatures and they are made to be loved so love you frisky!!! 

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