Friday, 23 August 2013

Her untold secret

wow! just give a look at her
she is one lucky girl
who is on a roll
with almighty dollar and a dainty supper!

The girl with high heels and a branded sac
 let her hold attention of the throng.
With  her dreamy eyes and rosy lips
and she walking in a graceful manner.

She laughs and celebrates with others
blessed with greatest luxuries of the world.
Her life looks perfect in every way
with many followers .

Then why is that dot of grief
i see on her face everyday
In the thirst to find the answer
i stole her little journal like a thief

Each leaf of her little journal 
made me stand lifeless. 
The crack up of her alliance
making her soul dull.

Her feelings were brutally murdered by someone
and that someone oh!  he was  her own lover
I pray my dear lord, to return her love back
and thou shall see the sanctity in her eyes to see her love return.


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