Monday, 26 August 2013

I am not FINE

Feeling very nervous today. I don't know why this strange feeling has grasped me again. I have got the extension at workplace , got admission in french course and I have also got the timings which i wanted. I should be happy that  as of now my career is going on a right track then why i am feeling so weird. something is missing in my life and i know what that is... its the loneliness that making me nervous. The absence of love is making me dull.I really want to have a good career...a career in french but i am also a family oriented person. In fact i am more towards having a decent family life than being a successful career woman but yeah i do not want to be a typical house wife also. I want a career in teaching line...I also want to do something creative.Hope my career in french takes a right track.
Got a new mobile. I always wanted to have that kind of mobile..Good thing is that i bought it with my own salary. But i do not want to throw my old mobile. I love my old mobile. i  have some beautiful memories with it. I am not   materialistic . Emotions, love, care makes me more happy than having latest gadgets or any new dress,accessories etc . Nature, food,career,movies, shopping  whatever is not making me happy anymore. These things are nothing if i do not have someone with whom i can share these things. I really want things to settle down soon. i want some thing more from my life. If i get married i have to stay away from my family, leading a different life. I would  be living a life where i cant  do things freely. Of course married life has its own charm but i also want to be with my family. I have no idea what i am saying.

 I am a simple girl. I am not bold and independent enough to manage things on my own and i am not happy being alone. I want someone to support me,love me, care for me, pamper me like a child. I have many expectations from my life partner. He has to understand me completely, my moodswings,my likes,dislikes etc. He has to be my best friend.
When it comes to my love life, i really want things to happen as per my way. 

about my french class-  I am also nervous about it. how it feels to adjust in a completely new environment, be with new people for months. I will get used to it but as of now i am nervous. 


  1. first time visitor..the posts seem straight from the heart..good luck with your french classes

  2. Thanks Rohit. I am glad you are here. would love to read your comments. :) :)

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