Monday, 5 August 2013

I believe in miracles

I have been reading on facebook about the miracles of Sai Baba. I have heard he blesses his devotees by giving darshan to them.I started my thursday fast. I keep chanting his name.. but sometimes it made me little doubtful whether he has accepted me as his devotee, whether he is happy with me...I really wanted to clear my doubts and wanted Sai Baba to give me darshan. Before my second fasting date at the time of returning home i was searching for him. we also had to buy prashad for thursday fasts. Suddenly i saw his photo on a shop.. i felt very happy that Baba has accepted me..after few seconds i again saw his photo..then we had to get down of the car to buy some sweets for him. but there was no parking space which made me little disappointed as i have planned to buy a particular sweet for my surprise a car which was parked just before us left and we could successfully parked our car.The shop in which we went to buy sweets also had his photo. finally i saw his idol in the temple.

I thank you God so much for believing  in me and giving me darshan. I was feeling blessed very much..thank you for blessing me.

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