Thursday, 1 August 2013

If you love can never be alone!

seriously books are our best friends...they work as a great stress busters. i love reading..reading good books makes me happy. i enjoy my books with a cup of coffee. i love it when it is raining outside and i am with my book getting comfortable in the couch.amazing feeling it is!!!!! i really like  people who love to read. i got a book  IT STARTED WITH A FRIEND REQUEST..loved the story... i loved the character in the novel especially Akash.. i always dream of having a life partner like Akash.. i think he is the perfect guy for every girl. The story made me emotional. i was touched by their love life...wishing to have a life partner like this..I also got THATS THE WAY WE MET. I cant wait to read it.. I am planning to enjoy this book with a cup of coffee  in my office.. yay!!! i am so so excited. the smell of books make me refreshed. it gives a positive vibes.. i dont need anybody if i have a good book in my hand.. i go lost in the world of fantasies. its better than watching a movie..
i love collecting i have mentioned earlier i really want to have a mini library in my home where i could keep my books and show it off to everyone... i have never thought a good story can make someone so excited.. really somebody has said it right--Books are the ideal gift you can give to anyone.    


  1. yes you are right dear. books are our best friend.good to know you love reading..keep it up

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