Friday, 2 August 2013

The Perfect Man...

I have been hearing since the day i have gained some maturity in the case of love that perfect man doesn't exist. In my pre-teens  i have always wished for a tall,dark,handsome and rich man. i used to fantasize all the indian actors and models as my boy friend or husband. As time passed i learnt that these guys also expect to be with a similar kind of ultra mod girl. then why they would ever look at me. as i am a girly girl who loves to be pampered and protected by someone.
In my early twenties my perception about the perfect man changed. i started imagining being with a person who is softhearted and makes me happy even in the roughest phase of life. Money, looks didn't matter at all.. i just wanted a colorful and happy happy love story. I wanted a  man who would pamper me like a baby and give adequate time and  woould support  me in every walk of a filmy hero..:)
a man who understands my problem and gives value and respect to my decision.
i wanted a soul mate, a best friend with whom i can share anything and with whom i feel secure. a man who makes me comfortable and  makes me feel like a princess.. :)
now a days when my parents are searching for my perfect man..i saw that their perception about perfect man is little different from me.. they are looking for a man who is mature and stable enough..who is financially stable to support his family..which i think is right to an extent. 
however i am happy that they know the kind of perfect man i am looking for... and they keep this factor in mind.. after all marriage is a very important thing in life.. so it has to be perfect.
As of now i am still discovering the exact definition  of  a perfect man. I think every woman who truly loves his man is a perfect man for they find the perfection in him despite of so many imperfections in him. hope i will get my imperfectly perfect love(man) soon!


  1. hope you will soon find your perfect man and he will take you to the dreamland.all the best babiieee :*

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