Friday, 9 August 2013

Happiness is

1. Getting fresh flowers from someone special.
2. cuddling a cute little puppy..
3. collecting greeting cards and letters from your friends and family.
4.Buying new books...and i love the smell of books.
5.eating chocolate cake..yumm!!!
6.Chatting with friends  over a hot cup of coffee with pizza and some cookies..
7. walking in the rain.
8.smell of wet mud makes me go crazyyyy
9.playing holi with friends.(which i have not played yet.)
10.trying different and new clothes which are bright in color..
11. when some one praises  you.
12. hug from a special person
13. going on a long drive with that special person.
14. speaking  french.
15. when it becomes dark in the morning and it starts raining heavily.
16. late night phone calls!!
17. doing something creative.(see my text)
18. hangingout with your love.
19. watching good movies.
20. photography.. i love doing photo shoot!!! 

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