Saturday, 3 August 2013

we all love fairy tales

we do love fairy tales no matter how old we get. when i was a child i used to watch fairy tales movies a lot especially Cinderella. since my childhood i have been waiting for my prince charming to come into my life and take me to the world of love. i also loved the beautiful faces of those princesses and their gown. how graceful they were! I always wanted someone to pamper me like they were pampered by their prince charming. I believe fairy tales do exist and inside every girl lies somewhere a soft fragile princess who wants to get loved by her man. every girl expect that her man should treat her like a princess. no matter how bad her mood is or whatever the situation is,every girl wants her prince to stand by her holding her hand.
we should never let the princess die inside us even in the toughest of the situation. we should know that somewhere our angels are watching us..they are protecting us and taking care of us just like the angels in the fairy tales and one must not lose hope if she has not met her prince charming. your angels are fighting all the battles to make you meet your prince. you just have to keep looking around. I believe life will also bring a happy ending     happy beginning to my story just like in fairy tales and that day will be my happiest day when i will be beside by my prince charming. :) :) :) :) :) : )
I believe every man should treat her girl like a princess and trust me by doing so he will become the prince charming of her lady and she will treat him like a king!
the man doesn't need a castle to be prince just treat your princess right and he will be prince to her eyes..
fairy tales speak the language of love and we should all understand and respect it.   

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