Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wearing Pink Shades

Today i am surrounded by Pink stuff.. I am seeing everything in pink..I guess  i am in love with this color..LOL. My blog PINK FAIRY taking its is my color of the day..It looks like some one has mixed vitamin pink in my coffee..hehe...

..the food in front of me,people around me,my desktop...everything is just PINK.

.i am getting the flavor of pink..its so sweet like a strawberry cake or strawberry ice cream..:) :)  
i could see pink cars,pink people,pink tress and flowers,pink roads.....hahaha
really this color is making me is also reminding of my pink frock which i used to wear in my childhood...I want everything in pink today....

Today.....I am feeling like a pink princess !!!!!


  1. Oye pink princess
    evrything is alright na
    i think this is the color of love
    so i think u r in love.......

  2. yeah baby....!!! :) i am in love with everything today!!! :D :D


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