Wednesday, 21 August 2013

when they are double faced!

Fake is the new trend and everyone seems to be in style. No matter how good you behave with them their behavior for you never changes because being fake is in their basic nature. they are natural in it and its hard to change anyone's perfection. They never accept you in their life and have always something to complaint about.

Like others i also came across many fakers in my it in my workplace,friend circle, relatives...i have seen them changing their colors time to time..They try to fake them in work,studies,relationships and everywhere possible. Earlier i used to get trapped in their pseudorealism but now i have started recognizing them.As a researcher i have started observing their behavior very closely and started categorizing them. It has made me easy to weed them out of my life. I have defined them in various categories:
                                               In the first category lies those people who do all the sweet talk. They will show their sympathy, empathy and just everything to you. They are expert in giving suggestions and advice for FREE but when it comes to helping anyone, they are the first one to back out but they will sometime make you believe that they are genuine because they are expert in giving excuses too.
                                          The second category consists of those fakers who act very sweet on your face. Their talks are sugarcoated, it will make you believe that they are the angels God has sent to you in your life.Initially they will present you with a very rosy picture of life with them. You will consider them as your well wisher. It is very difficult to recognize these fakers as you wont be able to see their true colors, their actual face behind the mask they wear. You will start sharing your secrets and each &and every information with them. they are the first one to bitch about you, spread rumors and create a big nuisance in your life.

WARNING: Beware of such fakers. you never know whether they are leaking your information and gossiping about your life and having fun on it.

                                          Third kind of fakers, Gosh! you will find them mostly in your friend circle. They will chill out, hang out, party , shop, go to movies  with you and so on..They will take interest in your personal affair., discuss, gossip etc etc but when it comes to giving importance and valuing you, they would never do that. they behave like a stranger or start acting very formally as if you never  friends to them. They wont do even small things for you. They will ignore you or talk to you whenever they feel like. You will soon realize it with their actions.A friend in need is a friend indeed... this quote and them...they are exactly opposite to each other.
                                      well! in the fourth category fits those people who are with you in your bad times or when you are weak at something. They will console you and guide you but when you progress in your life and exhale in something ahead of them, they start envying you. perhaps they only want you below them so that they could always hold the power and be superior to you. They can't see anyone progressing. you will easily find these people at your workplace or at politics.
        This is the bitter truth of life. I have encountered many such people who fall in these category. what i do is...i try to make my life clean by  maintaining  a distance from them.I avoid sharing my secrets, my weakness and i stop expecting things from them. I don't put these people into my life and also pray to God to keep them away from me.      

 However i also met  certain people. i don't want to include them in  the above four category as they are exactly opposite of these people. these people  fake themselves  for the well being of others. they will show you that they don't care but deep inside they love you. It is up to us to understand their feelings. they are a good human beings. they think for others. They are selfless people with good soul and a wonderful heart. they are the most sensitive in nature   but very practical in heart.

I always pray  God to bless them and not to put them in the situation where they have to fake their feelings.


  1. hmmm darling
    that happnd most of time.

  2. True thing, in everyone's life I guess. I make friends very easily and easily filter them too. But people who once enter my inner circle they dont leave easily. In one instant, where one of my best friend had met an accident, if you wish you can read it here, We were collecting money, and in that one week time, I really could connect to their views and dedication to friendship. What to do, people are cruel and playing with emotions of others is the best hobby for them.

  3. thanks friend :) read your article and i wish your friend a speedy recovery.

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