Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Change your thoughts and change your world

It feels great to wake up in the morning without any burden, worries and agonies. You realize that life has never been so beautiful. You could feel the lightness within you as if balloons are flying inside your heart. You will experience this moment when you see your wishes and dreams coming true and you find positivity everywhere. your  start smiling without any reason. You start finding happiness in small things, you start mixing up with the same people whom  you once considered as boring. You come out of your shell and face the world with confidence and with  smile on your face because you know God is with you and nothing can go wrong now.
Bottom line is…you start loving your life!
This phase of life is an eternal bliss gifted by God.
Really….a soul healing must be done by everyone to enjoy  life. Basically one must remove all the toxic things from their life and automatically life starts attracting positive energy.
I have heard of Reki. As far as I know it is basically use to heal inner wounds and to attract positivity in life. I want to learn this beautiful art of healing your inner soul.
Positivity attracts me. I see positivity in Flowers, animals, my family, the songs I listen to. Small things like chatting with friends, watching a good movie, eating healthy food, taking care of animals, helping someone, learning new things, looking good, a healthy and happy environment around me attracts me. We should realize that life is not the attainment of things but the fulfillment of living. 

We just have to stand fully in power to face life. We are capable of everything!

Photo: Lessons Learned In Life


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