Monday, 2 September 2013

Don't let the innocence fade away

Today,I took a metro on the way back  home from office.  Metros in Delhi are getting crowded day by day and today was nothing exceptional as usual it was hell crowded even in the ladies compartment. I hardly get seat on the metro on journey of almost 1 hr and 30 minutes.This is the reason why i do not like travelling in metros. After changing two metros, i finally got a seat and i was elated. Normally i carry a novel with me so that i dont get bored but today i had nothing to read so i had nothing worthwhile to do but to look around my fellow passengers and wait for my station to come. It was hell boring for me. i was sitting like a statue with a blank face. some of the ladies were busy chatting and those who were standing waiting to grab a seat.
One thing i have noticed in the Delhi metro, most of the ladies especially young girls become enemy of each other when it comes to getting a seat, of course getting a seat is like a big task for everyone but its like fighting a battle for most of the people. I have seen many girls pushing and pulling each other to get a seat. it seemed like if get a chance they would shoot each other to get that seat for few minutes. Apart from grabbing a seat,i have seen many girls throwing their so-called attitude on others, some criticize about the dress others are wearing and some just make fun of everyone. I have a strong dislike for these people, i mean, what anyone wears that's none of their concern.Some of the girls tries to show off their expensive gadgets or dress or whatever as if they are standing in a beauty contest, not in the metro.

However today i saw something different which made me smile. while waiting and looking around i saw two school girls who were in their pre-teens boarded the metro.with their school bag on their shoulders. They seemed to be very cheerful. One girl took out a packet of chips from her bag and started munching( Although it is not allowed to eat and drink in the delhi metro). they looked carefree. They were munching and chatting endlessly. They didn't look well to do and they didn't give a damn.One girl was explaining the other girl  about each monument and temple which were  on the way. They have never visited inside, still they were so happy to see from outside. They were satisfied with what they have. I really loved their innocence. A packet of chips and some funny talks that's all they needed. One more thing i liked about them is their habit of sharing. They were not having the chips alone but offering the other girls of their schools who were standing in their group. Its not only me who was smiling but my fellow passengers were also feeling relaxed to see these two cute little girls. They were playing,laughing and making everyone in the metro happy with their silly and childish talks.
It reminded me of my childhood when i used to make everyone happy like this, with my innocence and laughter. I really wonder why cant we become innocent like these two kids. I know as we grow up lot of tensions and responsibilities take the prior place in mind. love,power,money,career,ego and every other thing is responsible for wiping off our innocence but sometimes it is good to keep these things aside and enjoy our life like an innocent child.

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