Monday, 23 September 2013

My secret jar of secrets

Well…I do not have any major secrets. If you know me well, my life is an open book to you. I try to keep my life simple as I do not like complicating things. I have many dreams and desires which I don’t share with anyone but that’s ok few things are better be kept under wraps  but today  I am in the mood to reveal some secrets of mine..
Well…ok…starting from the scratch…
When I was in school I wanted to look the best, I liked getting attention from teachers and my classmates. I remember I used to wait for my birthday when I get a chance to wear my birthday dress.. I loved helping others. When I was in 3rd or 4th grade, I had a crush on a boy who used to sit with me..hehe.. And I loved helping him by sharing my lunch and giving my pencil..then when I grew up a little more I loved  salman khan(bollywood actor) like, I was just waiting to marry him.. I had a cute dog jolly..i loved playing with him..
In my college days I was considered as the most pampered and sweet girl.(I hate being called sweet, don’t know why). My friends used to treat me like a child which I loved it. I had a decent fan following but I never had any relationship in college. I was not ready for it and my priorities were different. I had few crushes and I loved discussing about them with my friends. I loved watching lizzie mcguire and I loved her dresses, next day I tried to dress up like her. I still believe that my and her life are quite similar.
I really love my graduation batch.. I had a great time with them.
Well coming to my third phase of life…MARRIAGE…this is going to be the turning point of my life… I want to make it the most beautiful phase of my life. I have many hopes with it. I don’t want a boring married life. I want to feel good after marriage.  I want to enjoy life with my partner. I want to do creative things like exploring new places, reading, writing, decorating our home and there are lot of things which I have planned for my married life. I want to be the best wife and best daughter in law.
I am also a very sensitive person ….I don’t like when any one shouts at me or avoids me. I hate it when people give excuses for not being there for me.
I have never stayed alone or away from my family. I always like to stay close to my family. My family is my world. I go movies, shopping, on holiday trips with them and I love it. I feel secure with my parents.
Some people say that I am very shy and some say that I am friendly. Well all I have to say if you make me feel comfortable then I can be the craziest person with you.
I love talking with friends. I hate it when people do gossiping and backbiting... I don’t know why but I am allergic to negative people. I don’t like when any one says anything negative about me….. I have got many phobias. I can’t handle rejections and failure.
I believe these things bring negativity into your life and one negative thought attracts other negative thoughts… I love reading good books, watching good movies… I love sea…

Overall life is good…


  1. honali your blog was awesome...........I just loved reading it..........u have very beautifully described each and every phase of your life starting from the childhood to the present. Just keep going like this!


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