Saturday, 28 September 2013

self realization

One thing i have learnt in life  that the more we look for happiness in others,the more we face disappointments. This has happened to me too many times. The main problem with me is that i expect too much from others and i easily trust people...whenever i  have tried to search happiness in others, the sudden disappointment  has left a scar.Then somewhere i read that we should stop playing the role of a victim and take the charge.. that line has really inspired me. As they say a word to the wise is enough.I soon realized that instead of finding happiness in others, i should start looking for happiness within me and this has worked like a magic for me. I took a pen and paper and made a list of all the plus points which i have and i was just amazed to see the result... i am no less than anyone.. i am perfect in my own way.. It is definitely not my ego..i call it  self realization or self satisfaction which is necessary for every human to lead a peaceful life...The things in which i am involved can define me well.. i feel good when i play guitar, speak french, write blog... I can cook well...I was a good student ... i feel good when people appreciate the food which i cook, when they feel happy listening to the songs i play, i am also a creative person, i can paint as well... i love doing craft work...i am an independent person....i love my job too...i love it when i do my work well..I love being presentable.. i love looking good..I can take care of others very well...I am also blessed with a wonderful family (touch wood)
there are many more things which i wrote on that paper and with each point i started loving myself...i started appreciating my life.. i thanked god for blessing me..Its like giving importance to your self..and its good... the more you give importance to your self, the more people will give importance to you. we should not forget to value our self.
These days i dont ask much from God...I believe that i am the best person to find a solution of my problem. no one knows me better than me so why expecting help from others.
Every day i look in the mirror and think of all the positive points in me  and smile....this has made me more confident... i have stopped comparing my life with others.. i focus on my life. i believe that we all have a different journey. we have no idea what others are going through... we all have some problems in life and there is always a solution to every problem.


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