Friday, 1 November 2013

marriage in my life..

From last few months "MARRIAGE"  has become a very important aspect in my life especially for my parents.My parents want me to get married soon and start a new   beautiful phase of life. Since mine will be arranged marriage, it will be totally a new experience  for me.  But i also think now a days there is not much of a difference in arranged and love marriage  atleast in my case. only difference which i am seeing is choosing of my groom..the groom will be chosen by my parents as well as me. where as in love marriages groom is chosen by the girl and then the matter comes to the parents.I am quite happy with arranged marriage.I trust my parents that they will choose someone who is perfect for Mr

I am looking forward to stepping my way to a new life but like every girl I am nervous too. will I prove to be a good wife, a good daughter in would i manage things without my parents. I am really very scared and here I can pour my heart out. I have never ever stayed away from my parents not even for single day, not even for single night.I am  very home sick . my family is everything for me. we are very very close to eachother. (TOUCH WOOD). I cant stay away from parents for more than a 6 hrs. Then how would i stay away from them for the rest of my life. and these thoughts make me nervous every time. 
 But I am also very excited..excited that I will get many new relations. marriage will make a beautiful change in my life. Getting married is the most beautiful thing. some one special is there to take care of you.what I feel especially in my case, my family is the one who loves me most, and not any other love can be compared to the love given by my family..and this thought makes me happy that some one new will come in to my life and loves me like my family. i will feel exactly the same way which i feel with my family and why not he will be my family.
 These days i cant trust anyone blindly. searching for a good life partner is a very big task for me and my family. people believe in sweet talks and actually dont do anything when it comes to taking their responsibility. Most people fail to keep their words. 
I just want a BEST FRIEND relation with my life partner and things will be fine because finding a friend in your husband is a blessing.  


  1. you'll be the perfect one undoubtedly !!

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  2. so many blogs happy new yr dear

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