Sunday, 10 November 2013


When I see the moonlight shining down on me,
Looks like blessings from Almighty is on the spree.

I sit by my window to watch the silver beauty outside
God is opening his natural treasures in plenty and wide.

Angels are coming down from the sky with their magical wand
and now its time for everyone's good deeds to respond

The darkness has  dissolved with the reflection from the ocean 
clouds have dispersed and the bleakness dissipated with this divine action .

And then i feel i am just following my inner moonlight 
which is lighting my path and leading me to my dreams which are right and bright. 


  1. very well it
    u r full of positivity and blessed by God
    God bless you dear

  2. beautiful and thoughtful expression just out of the heart......will always look forward for more...


someone with paws holds your heart!!!