Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A new year....a new beginning

In this new year when most of the people are making new resolutions i am thinking of doing something different. I am not good at making resolutions and i have never ever tried it. I have a very habit of not finishing the devoir. So why make any resolution that would not last for a long time. Rather i am thinking of trying something different. 
How about making some promises...! 
yeah! that's a good idea because i am good at keeping promises.     
so here are some promises which i made to myself... 
I have promised myself to cherish my vision and follow my dreams, work hard and make sure that i do all i can to accomplish my dreams.
one thing i have learnt is the purpose of our life is to be happy so i have also promised myself to be happy and make everyone around me happy. no matter how tough is the situation i would never loose faith in God and people who love me.
Always be positive....positive thinking will let you know everything better than negative thinking will. I have always tried to keep my mind positive and this has helped me a lot in difficult situation, i will continue to practice this habit. I have always believed once we replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, we would start getting positive results.

2014 is going to be a turning point in my life with some positive and sweet changes and i am looking forward to welcoming this year with arms wide open.
Its going to be a blissful year for me.

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