Friday, 10 January 2014

Don't put me down!

"You are good for nothing. I have never seen an idiot like you.Get lost you failure!" Tiara's teacher shouted at her and threw her notebook on the floor. Tiara's eyes filled with tears of embarrassment. The remarks from her teacher shattered her self confidence  once again. The red marking and her teacher's comment "very poor" clearly depicted how much she was disliked by her teacher. She picked her notebook and quietly went to her seat. She put her head down and started weeping in silence. While everyone stared at her, no one cared to come and console her.She didn't want to face anyone.Tiara felt so lonely and disheartened. she wanted to run away from the class.
                     Tiara was a sweet little girl. She was pampered by her family. Although she was the apple of her mother’s eye, her mother was quite tensed about her grades. Tiara also expected the same kind of love from her teacher but she was never blessed by her teacher." Why people say that teachers are next to parents when they cannot even treat their students equally?" School didn't excite her at all. She considered those 6 hours, the most harrowing. She felt as if she was imprisoned and tortured by her teacher and class mates. The behavior of her teacher made her lose interest in studies. After all she was just an eight year old child.Each day she had to face taunts from her teacher and classmates for not being a bright student.
  One day, Tiara's teacher slapped and insulted her in front of the class for not bringing her textbook. She threatened Tiara that she would not promote her to the next level. Tiara felt dejected. When Tiara came back home,she threw her bag and went to her room. She cried and cried and then fell asleep.She woke up in the evening. She was depressed. She switched on her computer and started surfing. One thing that excited her was knowing about the world. She loved watching news and she always looked forward to knowing about different countries. Internet helped her a lot.

 Next morning when  she went to school, she saw a huge banner of "Inter school quiz competition"  which was to be held next Monday. Tiara wanted to participate but at the same time she was hesitant. As she felt demoralized, she was more concerned of what others would think of her if she loses. She didn't want them to make fun of her.
After few hours of class, the bell rang. It was lunch time. Tiara ate a piece of sandwich. She had 20 more minutes and she thought to take a nap. Suddenly she heard someone calling her name. She looked around and saw a girl sitting beside her who looked exactly like Tiara.
"Who are you?" asked Tiara in astonishment. "I am your inner soul and  I have come to show you what you are capable of" said the girl. " If you have dreams in your eyes and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything in life. Everyone is special and is blessed with some or the other qualities. You just have to have faith in yourself. To get respect from others,you have to respect yourself and let no obstacle can affect your dream. Go and win the competition. You deserve to be happy and let no one snatch that happiness from you  said the girl . This was enough to boost Tiara's morale. That's all she needed. She decided to give her name for the competition. Tiara wanted to thank the girl she leaned forward to hold her hand, suddenly she heard the voice of her classmates. Lunch break was over. students started coming inside the class. Tiara couldn't wait to give her name for the competition. She could feel the change inside her. Now her objective was to win the competition. Next day she gave her name for the competition . Her teacher and other classmates discouraged her but that didn't stop her. She worked very hard day and night. Her hobby was not just a hobby any more. she wanted to win and show the world that she is not useless. she is not a failure.
And the day  came. everyone gathered and the quiz started. Tiara was feeling a little nervous but she remembered all the words of her inner soul. The way she answered all the questions confidently and correctly  left everyone dumbstruck. No one had ever seen Tiara giving answers with such confidence. The confidence of Tiara made her win the competition.She was handed the trophy by the principal.  She saw everyone applauding her for the first time. She was handed the mike to say few words which led her teacher and other classmates who discouraged her lower down their head with guilt and shame.

Lines said by Tiara :

 Don't put me down
No one has the right to make me frown
so what if i am not blessed with intelligence
All i need is your support and guidance.

I am also going through the same phase
where we are all in a learning stage.
Your duty is to help and encourage us in the process
Not to hate and defame us with stress.

You should not forget that everyone is special
Every child is God's little angel
Treat them the way you treat Your own children
and help them achieve their dream without any hindrance.

You are considered next to mother and God
For lighting our path with knowledge and not with our flaw.
We just need some love and respect from thou
And we promise to keep you in our heart and love you.

 Don't put me down
No one has the right to make me frown
so what if i am not blessed with intelligence
All i need is your support and guidance.


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