Monday, 13 January 2014

Recharge your hair and become special

In my childhood I always wanted my hair like Rapuzel's  long,silky, smooth and strong . The thing i loved the most about the Disney princess was her hair. I was quite fascinated by her hair and wanted my hair like hers.

 God has bestowed me with curly hair but i have always craved for straight hair. However people around me told me that i am lucky to be gifted with natural curls. Whenever i would go to hair parlor and asked my hair stylist to straiten my hair,she refused to do that. Few years back i  joined a forum  sunsilk gang of girls, from there i came to know about the hair cleanser which is appropriate for my type of hair.

 As i grew older i learnt that its not the structure of hair but the strength and damage free   hair that matters most. To take proper care of your hair, you just have to love your it. Ever since I started loving my hair, i started taking good care of my it like never before. With proper oiling and conditioning anyone can get beautiful and lustrous hair. 

Sunsilk has helped me a lot in getting a damaged free and tangled free hair. It has helped me considerably in  recharging  my hair. 
My hair gets a lot of compliments from others  which makes me a proud sunsilk user. 

Now i don't need to imitate  anyone and i am very happy with my thick curly locks. 
who said Rapuzel was the only role model for beautiful hair. Any girl can set a strong example with healthy,damaged free recharged hair.

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