Thursday, 20 February 2014

A journey from love to marriage!

Love is not just a word, it’s a feeling
A bond which binds the two people always and forever
It’s a promise made, to always stay by your side
No matter how tough is the phase of life.

True love is not only about coupling
But to read your love's thought
It is caring and understanding your love's need
That will make your love grow and succeed.

Love is not just holding hands in the month of spring
But facing the storm together and never let each other go.
A perfect and undoubted love ties the most pious knot  
Only if they have the courage to accept each other without getting distraught.  

Then comes the most beautiful phase of life
When you with your love ring the wedding bells.
However, that's not enough to prove your love to your paramour.
Rather, your presence and companionship will limn your love for sure.

Marriage is not just a duty but a sweet responsibility.
 A commitment made to keep each other happy.
It’s an effort made to make your partner feel secure
Without trying to change the person and have the courage to endure.

The love, care and respect for each other make a happy married life
Understanding the differences of your love is required
A successful marriage requires celebrating each moment together
And do everything to protect your marriage and never let it suffer.   

Photo: A Smile is the lighting system of the face,
The coling system of the head 
and The heating system of the heart.. 

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  1. BeAUTIful

    May you have a blissful married life sona

  2. heyyy thanks for dropping by my blog! :) and yay to love! ♥

    1. Thanks....would love to read your comments :)
      keep in touch :)

  3. Very true..... a successful marriage requires celebrating each moment together

  4. Nicely expressed, Sonali.
    Agree with your views :)


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