Friday, 21 February 2014

A rejuvenating experience!

 For last few years I have been looking for a shampoo which would treat my hair fall and would soften my hair at the same time i have tried a lot of shampoos but nothing seemed to work. Instead my hair got more dry and rough.I was completely fed up . I started loosing confidence. whenever i used to touch my hair,it felt as if i am touching a jute. I have curly hair and its very difficult to manage the tangles. I tried everything,from  hair spa to applying curd but my problem didn't resolve.

The day  I received the beautiful hamper from Sunsilk I could not stop myself flaunting it  to all my friends and relatives. I clicked it's pictures and uploaded it on Facebook. It was one of the most beautiful surprises i have ever received. After applying the shampoo for the first time, i could feel the change. My hair became soft. After fourth time of hair wash with Sunsilk natural recharge, i was very happy to see the result.My hair has become so soft and smooth. Its no more feels like jute. Sunsilk has recharged my confidence again by recharging my hair.
Sunsilk has made me a proud consumer. Now my hair receive a lot of compliments and appreciation. I proudly recommend Sunsilk natural recharge to every one.    


Thank you so much Sunsilk for giving me bouncy curly hair!!! 
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  1. You have lovely curly hair. I should try this product.
    Thanks for dropping by :)

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