Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Student life main condition serious hai!

As we grow up we start to take our life seriously. With increase in responsibilities and tensions,somewhere down the line we tend to loose that humor from our life and our condition become serious.  Sometimes we just have to forget all the worries and sorrows and laugh and enjoy our life like a kid. There are lot of people i have encountered in my life who are always serious. They take small things so seriously that sometimes they without realizing turn into comic characters and their actions create humorous situations.  

I encountered a person jinki conditionserioushai. In my college days we used to enjoy a lot.Some students were very mischievous. They hardly  study. It was our management class.  Our regular teacher had left the college so someone new was about to join. While some of them were waiting for our new teacher,others were busy talking and enjoying. Suddenly we heard someone screaming "shut up!!!" from outside and there he was..Our new management professor,a huge man with a very funny mustache like that of super Mario. His seriousness actually made everyone laugh. His method of teaching was very hilarious. He used to write something on the blackboard and then get confused. His confusion made him loose his temper and to cover up his confusion  he would start shouting at everyone ."why don't you pay attention? I will throw you all out of the class".This made students could not control their laughter and when the class got over,we used to die of laughing. We had never seen him smiling. He used to maintain an image of a strict professor who thinks by shouting he could maintain discipline. Students used to attend his class to have a good time and get entertained  rather than studying. 

One day we had a small presentation on his subject. We were divided in a group of four. There was  silence in the class. All the students were listening to the presentations given by different groups. When my turn came. I started with a formal introduction and when i was about to proceed my friend started passing funny comments and making faces which made me burst into laughter. I could not stop laughing though i wanted to be serious but i was helpless. That fear of my Professor's reaction and  the embarrassment made me  break into a  sweat but my laughter would not stop. Somewhere i was thinking about the consequences and how embarrassing it is to laugh without a reason and finally i decided to take my friend's name and made him responsible to make me laugh like an idiot. He was scolded very badly and was asked to leave the class but i breathed  a sigh of relief  that i was not scolded by him and finally i managed to give my presentation successfully. Later on, after the  class got over, all the students came and began to laugh loudly and said "your's was the best presentation.May you always give this kind of presentation and make everyone laugh." 

Next day our professor came and he behaved quite friendly with all the students. Although he was serious but we could see the smile and lightness on his face.

Laughing at situations where we have to be serious happens a lot with me.
It was my  job interview in a MNC. I was dressed professionally with all the certificates in my hand. When i was waiting i was little nervous but i didn't want to show the nervousness on my face. My turn came and i  managed to clear the first two rounds successfully and the last round was with the head HR. I entered his room, wished him and my interview began. The question-answer round went off quite well and at last he began to explain about his organization which made me quite bored. My boredom turned into a laughter and whenever i tried to look at his face, i could not stop giggling. This made him laugh too. and guess what.! I got selected. His final words was,"May you enjoy your work like this always"

I also laugh when i am in an argument. I loose the argument sometimes but the situation gets lighter. 

Sometimes you don't need a reason to laugh and smile. Just laugh and enjoy every moment that's why they say that laughter is the best medicine.    
Laughter and dessert are the best stress buster so always laugh and eat cadbury Five star because nothing tastes better than a yummy chocolate!
Laugh a little more, live a little more!!!!This post is a part of Condition Serious Hai by Indi Blogger


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