Thursday, 6 February 2014

Travelling smart to Paris

Being a student of french language i always wanted to see Paris. This place has always been my dream destination. I love everything about French culture. Their lifestyle,food,monuments,language,people etc. I have been saving some amount of my salary to travel to Paris and by God's grace I am able to save the amount which would help me to visit my dream place. However i only have limited fund in which i have to manage my one week sojourn to Paris. Paris is one of the most expensive country and one must have ample cash to enjoy their visit. I have taken this as a challenge and going to enjoy these seven days through judicious and planned expenditure of my limited funds. Here is the plan which will make my trip to Paris, the most memorable days of my life.   

 How to visit:  This is the major concern for the budget travelers like me. Paris flights are expensive but if someone really have the urge to visit there. Here are the few tips one can follow. I have been researching about the cheapest flights from India to Paris and came to conclusion that it is always better to book your flight much in advance. This would save some money also. Flights during off seasons are less expensive.   

When to visit:   I am planning my trip in the month of December. Although Paris is said to be a four season destination, one can find low crowd from December to march. This would let me enjoy my trip at lower price.

Where to stay: During the course of my pursuing the French language I happened to make some French friends on the net. We arrived at a packed that whenever we visit each other's town, the host will take care of other's boarding, lodging and visit to tourist destinations.  Well! For those who do not have someone known in a foreign country. Don't get dishearten. Now a day’s one can make a pen friend and with the help of social networking sites one can easily make friends from the other countries. However there are many hotels at the suburbs which are relatively reasonable  and which you can easily book in advance on the net. This will save both time and money.

Travel around in Paris:  What better way to see Paris than to travel in a public transport. People in Paris don’t like travelling by cars. They find metros, bus, taxi and tramps more convenient. For a tourist like me it is better to take metro, tramp or a bus than to take a taxi. Taxis are quite expensive and this will drain your limited resources faster than you realize.
P.S. Always carry a map with you!

Bon App├ętit de Paris: When it comes to French cuisine i cannot resist myself. I just love French food. Creps,Poulet a la normade,pain du chocolat etc are on the top of my list. i can’t wait to try these dishes. My French friend advised that most of the restaurants offer a mid day meal at less price. I think this way I can save some amount for shopping.

Fait du shopping: Shopping is every girl’s  favourite activity and I am no exception. I am a shopaholic and love to spend when i go on trips. I can shop for hours and hours. When it comes to shopping in Paris with a limited amount, it is always better not to look at those huge malls. Instead, one should go to flea markets and shop from vintage shops in Paris.  

Tourist attraction: Since i will have only seven days with me, i have decided to visit only the famous tourist spots like La tour effiel, river seine,Notre dame, musuem louvre  etc. However for those who have sufficient time to spend in Paris but do not have sufficient fund to enjoy. Here is the solution.There are many free concerts and shows which are held at The Arc de Triomphe, local parks of Paris. One can also go for paris pass and can see the places at lower cost.

I think with this kind of planning i am surely going to sustain in Paris within my budget.
There are certain things which i need to carry with me and i will make sure that i don't forget any of them. 
Travel Guide/map.
My diary which i always carry with me where ever i go.
Clothes are obvious but i am thinking to wear colourful clothes and off course my woolen wears.
My camera to capture the beautiful memories of Paris forever.
Other accessories like watch,mobiles etc.
and my first aid kit.

 So i am all set for my trip and can’t wait to visit Paris. I think that is called
" Travelling Smart"
And as we say " Paris is always a good idea"
Bon Voyage!!!!
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