Monday, 10 March 2014

Falling in love with Nature

Travelling is my passion. I love to explore new places, knowing about different culture,food and life styles excites me a lot. I have traveled to many states within India as I feel India has so much to offer because of her diversity of culture,people and languages. My family invariably makes sure to travel to some place in India once in a year. This refreshes our mind and we get a break from our monotonous life. We are nature lovers. Normally we go to a place where we can enjoy the beauty of nature. I make sure to carry my camera and diary so that I can encapsulate the beautiful memories.We have covered many parts of India from south to north and from east to west and discovered that each state has its own natural beauty and this has inspired me to befriend  nature. Here I am going to share some of my most memorable experiences and my close link with nature.
        I remember while travelling to Manali by bus and not to sleep at night just to get a first glance of the hills and valleys and river Beas. The snow covered peaks of Himalayas took my breath. The fresh pollution free air and the scenic beauty made me feel that i am not far from heaven. When i looked at the tall mountains, I felt that they are trying to say something to me. I used to wake up in the morning and just leave my room to take the beautiful pictures of the mountains, flowers,Tress ,fruits and smell the wild air. I love travelling to uncommon places which anyone has rarely seen. For example. I discovered a lake crossing many mountain ranges which was not in the normal tourist circuit. This made me feel that God is every where in the form of Nature.

My other memorable trip was to Andaman and Nicobar islands. That trip was something to remember. Andaman islands presented me with the best moments of my life. I would never forget how that place has changed my mind set on travelling. Before visiting that place I used to think that travelling is about shopping and enjoying with friends and family. After visiting the place I have learnt to love being in solitude and enjoy the beauty of nature.The beautiful crystal clear  beaches and aesthetic views,stalactite and stalagmite caves,corals and mangroves  refreshed my soul.How i used to spend hours and hours on the beach side with family and collecting sea shells and feeding the fishes brought me closer and closer to  nature. The best thing about that place is "THE SNORKELING". That was an outstanding experience for me. I felt as if I am in a different world which has only to offer without any demands.  

Someone has said it right that the nature is the art of God and you can see one of his masterpieces in Kerala. Kerala is really very picturesque when it comes to capturing the beauty of nature. From magnificent mountains of Munar to the backwater of Alleppey, Kerala is full of natural attractiveness.My favourite  experience was spending a day in a houseboat which relaxed my mind and soul. The birds chirping and the sound of water rippling were the most beautiful and soothing sounds I have had ever heard. I got a chance to see different species of birds, insects and animals which made me wonder at the different life forms that God has created.


Other than Manali , another favourite destination where I became friends with the huge mountains is Sikkim and Darjeeling. Apart from Monasteries,it is the beautiful and colourful flowers and butterflies which took place in my heart. Another place which took my breath away was the Changu Lake. The  glacial lake is  at  altitude of 12,400 ft surrounded by snow covered peaks. That's no less than a miracle. In Darjeeling we used to wake up at 3 AM to see the sunrise on Tiger Hills. After having our breakfast which was bread with Kissan jam spread on it gave us energy to climb the mountains to see the golden sunrise.

My last but not the least favourite destination is Goa. Goa is known for its beautiful beaches, night life, clubs,beer,shopping and enjoying with friends. It is said to be a very happening place but I preferred to like the different facet of Goa that is natural beauty of Goa and the laid back life. When it comes to passing time, beaches are the best . Sitting on the beach side and seeing the sunset was my favourite activity in Goa.Another favourite activity was to collect the sea shells and make a necklace of them. 


I am a born nature lover and I am proud to say nature is my best friend. Nature has taught me not to be artificial and be selfless.Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.
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All the photos are taken by me.


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