Friday, 21 March 2014

Go shopping without worrying!

It was my cousin's wedding. Indian weddings are vibrant as well as very hectic. For me it was more hectic, on one hand, I had to submit my project report  to my team leader, just five days were left for the deadline, on the other hand I had to look after the decorations and  guests. 
 A day before the wedding my sister came and said “so what are you going to wear tomorrow? Did you bother to buy a dress for the wedding or you going to come in jeans and T-shirt?" 
Oh my God! How could I forget to buy a dress for me. Now what am I going to wear tomorrow. I convinced my sister to go for shopping tomorrow morning and I promised her that it would not take much time.
 At 10 AM in the morning we headed towards the shopping mall. We went inside the mall and walked inside my favourite boutique of ethnic wear. I was a regular customer of the boutique. After trying on few Anarkalis I decided to buy a Pink Anarkali with silver design on it. I was happy that it didn't take so long to choose a dress.  We went to the cash counter for the payment. As I  was about to take money from my purse I discovered that I forgot my money and credit cards at home. My sister also didn't have enough money with her. With heavy heart I decided to cancel the purchase. Just when we were about to ask the salesperson to  cancel the purchase. The salesperson at the counter asked" Mam, do you have the discount coupons?"
Coupons! Oh yeah!  I searched my purse for the coupons. There were about twenty coupons of that boutique which I had never used. I handed all the coupons to the salesperson.
“Congratulations mam. You have won a 70% cash back offer. Thanks for being our regular customer. “Those coupons worked as a life saver.
Those words were so melodious to me. I got my favourite dress for almost free just for being a regular customer. I was on the top of the world. My sister and I exchanged smiles. It saved us from getting embarrassed and my dress was in my hand.
My dress had been decided. "But what about your footwear and accessories. We are left with just 2000 bucks. How are we going to sustain" I quickly asked my sister.
My sister smiled and took me to another place. A local shopping center. It is the best place when you don’t want to spend some heavy amount shopping and best thing is that you can bargain a lot.  These type of shopping centers have their own advantage. Bargaining is super fun. After  a lot of hard work we managed to buy a silver stilettos  and beautiful accessories which were as good as any other branded accessories and exactly matched with my new Anarkali. Great thing was that we were left with 200 bucks from which we decided to enjoy some street food.

We returned  home after having super fun while shopping, We hardly got any time to take  rest. We went to the parlor for the makeup and in the evening we were all set for the wedding.
P.S. Everyone complimented me. They liked my dress and more than that they liked the accessories.   

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  2. Thank u so much Shivangi :)
    read your articles... They are just amazing... I would love to read you more.. keep in touch dear :)

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