Thursday, 13 March 2014

That phase of my life

One of the most painful things in life is when you are alone and no one is there to talk to you. You want to speak but no one is there to listen to you. Now a day's  life has  become very dull and boring. These days I don't have much to do which is letting me into depression. . My laziness is overpowering me. I am not the person who is meant to live a dull life. There are a lot of things which i want to do but things are not taking the right shape. At this point of time I really need someone to sit with me and listen to my problems patiently. As of now my biggest concern is my career. I want to work as a teacher. I know its bit late but  at least I understood my area of interest. I know sooner or later i will get my dream job.

           I am a dreamer and I keep dreaming of my it my Career or my married life. I dream a lot. I imagine things and I pray to God to give me what I want. It tears me apart when things don't fall into place as i have planned. everyone is a big dreamer ..they imagine what their future could be, ideal in every aspect. Its good to relax at home but too much of anything is good for nothing.
  Last night...watched a movie "Queen" that movie has really inspired me. I really liked the way the actress traveled alone across Europe and discovered new things about herself,made new friends,got a job. This movie is an eye opener for all the Indian men who are male chauvinist and can dominate woman. I really liked the concept.

I wonder,why the hell  I only write about my negative feelings, what is happening to me???errrr... I am a positive person and don't want negative energy to affect my life...
However ,this phase of my life is also teaching me something . Life has always got something to offer you. Its a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. I like leading a controversial free life. I always try to maintain a balanced equation with everyone.

I like blogging....I can pour my heart out here and I really love my blogging friends. The best thing I like about my blogging friends is their ability to encourage  and inspire others which is very rare now a days. the word has a power to heal or to hurt. We should always choose to be an encourager and motivate people. One word of encouragement can change someone's life.   As a management student I have studied Maslow's hierarchy of needs which is necessary for understanding human motivation and good for personal development.

1. basic needs- Air, Food, drink,water,warmth ,love, sleep etc.
2. safety needs- protection,security,stability,limits etc.
3.Social needs- belongingness and love needs like family,affection,relationship,work group etc.
4.esteem needs- achievement, status,responsibility,value,importance etc.
5  self actualization needs-personal growth and fulfillment.

Expecting things from life and people around you is very normal.Not expecting things shows that someone has no dreams, no vision in life which is not a positive sign at all. I expect a lot from people around me and my expectations are just like any other girl.. To get a good job, have a happy  and decent married life, well being of my family and a secured future. Besides that I want someone to love me unconditionally,respect me and my decisions,understands my desires.    

“Encouragement requires empathy and seeing the world from your spouse's perspective. We must first learn what is important to our spouse. Only then can we give encouragement. With verbal encouragement, we are trying to communicate, "I know. I care. I am with you. How can I help?" We are trying to show that we believe in him and in his abilities. We are giving credit and praise.” 
― Gary ChapmanThe Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

“Connecting with those you know love, like and appreciate you restores the spirit and give you energy to keep moving forward in this life.” 
― Deborah DayBE HAPPY NOW!


  1. Very beautifully written..Being your close friend , i feel sad that you didn't shared your grief with me either..
    I am sure you'll fulfil all your dreams at the right time..

    I would disgree on one thing..expecting anything from people only leads to more negativity around..

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  3. You have a deep introspective mind to analyze your life to the 5th level of the Maslow theory ( mostly I have seen used for HR) that you have cleverly defined and used here. There are so many who never get to the Self-actualization stage.

    Europe is wonderful and beautiful, you should not give up your dream to meagerly basic needs. I have been to Paris, Rome, London, Zurich romantic and explorative.. You have beautiful blog I am very excited to read the rest of your work. Come and visit my blogs sometime..

    Keep exploring ...!!

  4. Cheer up. Seasons come and go. You will go on forever. Nice beautiful slow and mellow write.

  5. Hey you write really well. I sincerely hope that you fulfil all your dreams. I started teaching in a pg college last year. Trust me thr is no better job than imparting knowledge. :)

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