Monday, 3 March 2014

To you, my soulmate

Dear soulmate

I thank Lord for sending you in  my life
When i am with you, i feel i am in  paradise.
Every moment we have together is precious to me.            
We meet the way  the sky touches the sea.

You are everything i have ever wished for.
My soul mate,my companion, i could not ask for more.
I promise i will never let you walk alone in life
We will be together forever and i will  always stand by your side.

Life becomes more blissful when i am with you
The special bond we share will let our love grow
I love you so much and will love you forever
For the rest of my life we will  always be together.



  1. Well written. Your soulmate will love reading this :)


  2. Ah! So good to see love spreading its wings and embracing the two together :)

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