Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I forgive you!

I forgive you for the miseries,
You handed down to me
Your words were enough to,
 Make my heart shattered into pieces.

I forgive you for tearing apart my soul,
Which was once filled with love
It died in grim of loneliness,
you bestowed in my life.

My forgiveness is not for you but for me,
I am walking on the path of healing.
healing of myself hood,
which you have ripped apart.

I am setting myself free from you,
I take the obligation of letting you harm me.
I was weak then, but I am strong now
Your words don’t affect me anyhow.

I want to see my soul shining again,
and  i promise that i won’t let it down again.
But remember, I have forgiven you
but I will never forget you and your deeds.


  1. So agree with your words. Forgiving someone is a self-healing process.

  2. Such a great poem :)
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