Thursday, 3 April 2014

The golden bird

 The Golden Bird, they named you
and idolized you with love and devotion
by considering you equivalent to God
Their heart was full with emotion.

You were soaring high in the sky
with all the treasures you possessed
which made us stand up with pride
and we realized how much we were blessed.

Then came the era, you couldn't fly anymore
your wings were chopped off with cruelty 
by the narcissist and self indulgent bodies
who call themselves  a part of  our society.

Crime,crises,discrimination and corruption 
 has killed your pious soul brutally
The golden bird, is dead  long ago
as it had been murdered by us ruthlessly.

Come back again to us, it is not too late
like a Phoenix arising from the ashes  
We the youth promise to protect you
 from all the agonizing scratches.


  1. Thanks Shivangi... Your appreciation means a lot to me.. :)

  2. This is my first visit to your blog and this verse was captivating enough to make me come again! :)

    P.S: If you ever get time, feel free to drop by at:

  3. Thanks varun... Your blog is awesome too.. :)

  4. Thank you Sonali :D
    Well, I don't always go back to check on the comments, but this time I did. As, you didn't acknowledge your visit to my blog, so I thought of catching up with you, here. :P

    1. Your blog is my favourite blog...loved reading all the posts.. you are doing a great job by inspiring others..all the best!!


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