Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Love letters are cute

I was checking the homepage of my  facebook profile and I found this picture.this picture has really touched my heart. I believe it to be an awesome ritual. Fights and arguments in a relationship are inevitable. It depends on the two people how much they understand eachother and how much they want to be with eachother. This is the best method to finish the fights and make the couple realize that love between them is much stronger than any other issue. Love can cure anything if it is true. One has to know its worth.

Saying "I love you" is not enough. Sometimes you have to show your partner that you really do love him/her. As we say" actions speak louder than words." Every relationship sees rough times. Sometimes family doesnt accept the partner,sometimes there can be misunderstandings and fights, sometimes the situation is not good. However it is up to the partners whether to leave eachother's hands and step back or face all the difficulties together by holding eachother's hands even more tightly.(I am only talking about a serious relationship) This is the time testing factor and i have seen that most of the couple prefer to break off and move on. This is not a true love.
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The true personality of a person reveals when you put him in a difficult/unwanted situation. How he reacts to the situation shows his behaviour.
Coming to the picture above... I guess by doing these little creative things make a relation more stronger and it also increases the bond between the two.. So i am going to do this for sure and why only in marriages we should try this in every relationship because what better way to express love than to write cute love letters..


  1. Really nice, Sonali.
    If partners follow creative solutions like this, there won't be breakups :)

  2. hey nice to connect through our blogs...!! so ur on IB too? will look u up there...

  3. b'ful.... planned to follow the very ritual with my partner when i and him tie our knots.. :)

  4. b'ful.... planned to follow the very ritual with my partner when i and him tie our knots.. :)

  5. i love this post about marriage. i got married recently, and i love the thought of sending little letters to keep the relationship interesting! :)

    thanks for sharing.


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