Monday, 30 June 2014

Aish loves!!!

Who doesn't know the queen of Bollywood... The Aishwaraya Rai Bacchan. From her million fans, i am also a very big fan of hers. I love reading about her in magazines and websites. She is the one who is not meant to live an ordinary life. She is like a princess to me. What i love the most about her is her fashion sense and how gracefully she carries herself. I love to keep a track from where does she shops and how she does her shopping.One incident which i read about her made me change my mindset about online shopping. Ever since i have been into online shopping and not any other online shopping site but only Now i know what made her so graceful and elegant. 

we all know that the celebrity's life is not an easy going. They are not free to roam around everywhere like common people. Aishwaraya was busy in shooting abroad. She had been so busy that she almost forgot that it was her cousin's  birthday who was residing in India. Her cousin was like her best friend.They shared each and everything. Every year Aish makes sure that she celebrates her cousin's birthday together, if not she surprises her with beautiful gifts. " Oh! How could i forget Shoba's Birthday. I have to send her a beautiful present but how would i do that. I am so busy with the shooting that i cant go for shopping." thought Aish. She thought to consult her husband Abhishek. Fortunately Abhishek and Aishwaraya was shooting for the same film..Yes they were shooting for Dhoom 2.

 " Dont worry darling! why dont you checkout They have wide variety of brands.You will definitely find something great for Shobha." advised Abhi. Without giving a second thought she decided to go for online shopping. She was amazed to see the variety of brands and products of some top notch store. She clicked and clicked on the brands and got many interesting  products, not only for her cousin but for Abhishek and herself. She decided to send the gifts she bought for her cousin on her birthday to surprise her.
"Wow Abhi! You and saved my life. This has become one of my favorite shopping sites. I have never thought that online shopping could be so fun." exclaimed Aish.
Next day she told Hrithik and Bipasha about the website. As we all know girls cant live without shopping.Bipasha loved the site too. They together sat in front of the laptop to shop. The discount, cash back offer and coupons made them shop more. 

Since then, Aish and I recommend everyone to shop from Nothing can beat this website when it comes to online shopping. 
so whenever you are thinking to shop online, do check It will change your shopping experience.
Happy Shopping!!
P.S. - Shobha loved her birthday surprise which were an awesome branded watch, beautiful white gown, some cool accessories and a lot more. She thanked Aish and Abhi for the beautiful surprise.

This post is written for contest.  


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