Monday, 30 June 2014

Borosil made our day

It is said that laughter is brighter when the food we eat is the best. I am a foodie. I love to explore new places in India and try the local cuisine of each state. Last winter, I decided to go out for a picnic with my friends and relatives and decided to cook at the picnic spot. We have some great cooks in our family. We reached our destination at 10 in the morning. we were all  hungry and wanted to have something. My friends and I decided to fry hot bread pakodas. We had a stove and started arranging  things. the aroma of the fried pakodas enhanced our hunger. I served them on  transparent Borosil quarter plates  which made the break pakodas look more delicious. The moment i took the first bite, it gave me an awesome pleasure. The feeling of having  hot crispy bread pakodas with ginger tea in a transparent Borosil cups  on a cold chilly winter morning under a beautiful sky was out of the world. After some hours of having fun, the girls decided to make lunch. We had already planned to make Chicken Birayani for lunch and had all the ingredients. This time we decided to make biriyani in a handi. As the biryani began to cook, our waiting became more and more difficult. we were craving for it and could not wait to taste it. We had special species with us which made the biyani much more flavorful. As the Biyani about to cook. The boys made spicy mint chutney and had cut small cubes of tomatoes, cucumber, onion and green chilies. We kept the chutney  in a beautiful Borosil  bowl and arranged the salad in an oval shaped Borosil tray.Finally the biryani was ready and we put it in a big Borosil rice bowl . It is said that if the presentation of the food is good and eye catching, the food becomes more tasteful and Borosil always helps us making our food more tasteful and delicious.
We enjoyed the biryani. The chicken was tender and juicy and rice was amazing.The species had a distinct flavour. we enjoyed the mouth watering dish with the mint chutney and salad.
Finally , it was time for the dessert. We had hot Gulab jamuns in small cute dessert bowls of  Borosil
The food and Borosil made our day beautiful and memorable. We always prefer Borosil culinary because they are unbreakable and can be easily handled. one of the most important and amazing quality of Borosil is that it can be heated directly in a microwave or even on a gas burner. It makes our food toxic free and healthy as compared to other plastic utensils.

This post is written for  Borosil"my beautiful food" by indiblogger

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