Saturday, 7 June 2014

How heartless are you

How heartless are you
who cant see the love in her eyes
she sacrificed her dignity and morale
and let the pain inside her grew.

one smile and a kind word
That's what she just wanted from you
But,you preferred to burn her soul
like an unsympathetic coward.

She preferred to solace your heart
by hiding the wounds given to her
as she dies everyday without you
and differ from living apart.

You shut your eyes to her love
and called her emotion less soul
Now tell me who lacks the feelings
when you, without caring wiped her off.

Like a restless soul she wandered everywhere
wondering where she lagged behind to please you
What else she could have done to come closer
Always, she held the bond tight by her love and care.

She enhanced her world with  the beautiful dreams
and the hopes once entrusted by you to her.
never she realized how fake those promises were
when you just crushed her world by all means.

Now you are having the time of your life
on the grave of her innocent desires
But unknowingly you have lost the girl
who loved you, has been left by you to die.


  1. that was beautiful sonali!! perfectly echoes the feelings of unrequitted love!

    i wrote a similar one days few days


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