Monday, 9 June 2014

yes! She is a Mermaid.

She swims by the ocean
hearing the sound of waves.
lost in her peaceful thoughts
listening to the melodies of her world.

Her heart is subtle and too fragile
filled with plenty of  love and solace.
She is protected by the God of sea
A glimpse of her can make anyone lucky.

yes! she is a Mermaid.

She dances to the music of waves
playing with the sea shells on the shore
lost in her own solitary and quite world
which is as blissful as her soul.

She possess the beauty of God
with angelic eyes and pristine soul.
The long hair and the serene face
can take anyone's breath away.

yes! she is a Mermaid.

She is pious like a pearl in the shell
untouched and preserved by her creator
away from all  the grief and affliction
benumbed to the hardships of world.


  1. Beautiful!!!
    I like the images a lot they perfectly go with your words!


someone with paws holds your heart!!!