Friday, 18 July 2014

A magical wedding

Here's a great news for everyone!!!!
My favourite movie stars Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Ema watson (Hermione Granger) are tying their knot next month. Although in reel life Harry loves Jenny but in real life Harry has fallen in love with Hermione and they decided to grow old together and ring the wedding bells.

I have been following Harry potter since my childhood and this made me a huge fan of Daniel. I was dying to meet the stars of the movie and my desire to meet them finally came true. Since my childhood i have been writing letters and messages to Daniel  and somehow he also knew that there is a huge fan of him who could do anything for him. Once i have mentioned about my profession to him that I am a wedding planner and to my surprise he has asked me to plan his special day- his wedding. It will be a  big day of my life!!! Every one from Holly Wood is going to attend the wedding so it has to be very special and different.
Since they are associated with the magical world. Their wedding has to be magical too. Thanks to baggout  for making my task easier. Every shopping has been done through baggout.

 I have booked a huge hall for the wedding through baggout. I have planned to design the entrance with the poles with white lilly flowers ordered from fernspetals . The walls will be covered with pinkish drapes which i have ordered online from the baggout website.There will be fragile purple and white chairs with a huge round table covered with delicate white cloths. When it comes to shopping for furniturebaggout(fabfurnish ) is just superb.Since its a magical wedding, There will white scented  candles floating in the air like in the Hogwarts which would give every guest the feeling of a magical world.

Baggout has helped me in a huge way of choosing the accessories and dresses of the bride and groom. Let me tell you all a secret- Ema  is very selective and choosy when it comes to choosing her costume. She didnt like any of the costume i showed to her, but when i show her variety of gowns on baggout (fashionara), she felt excited and ordered more than two. She wanted Daniel to select his wedding suit from baggout. Daniel is a simple and sweet guy, He is comfortable with everything we have showed to him. We always joke about him that he could wear anything at his wedding but not the invisibility cloak... LOL .

The most difficult task was to get a wedding ring but here also baggout (  has helped me very much. We took a whole day to choose the wedding rings.While Ema wanted the ring to be fancy and inspired from the movie Harry Potter, Daniel wanted a simple basic ring. Finally we settled for the rings which looked magical, yet simple.

We have booked a different hall for the Ball dance party.I have designed the hall in the same way which was in the movie- Harry Potter and the goblet of fire with the sparkling and glittering drapes and snow covered trees all around which would exactly give everyone the feeling of the movie.
The costumes of every guests are ordered from baggout.

Rupert Grint is going to be the best man of the wedding and Bonnie(Ginny Weasley) will be serving as one of the bridesmaid. The wedding will end with a grand and lavish lunch though foodpandaand before that baggoutexpedia) and I have planned a beautiful and huge wedding cake engraved with  glittering silvers and diamonds(of course they are edible).
Now for their Honneymoon- I have booked their tickets though to  Switzerland which is my favourite destination too.

Magic is believing in yourself... If you can do that , you can make anything....Magic is believing in miracles. I always believed that someday i would meet Harry Potter(Daniel Radcliffe) in a magical way and here i am..
Never stop believing in magic and wish Daniel and Ema- A VERY HAPPY WEDDING!!!!

P.S. baggout- YOU ROCK!!!!!
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