Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A strange Fragrance

 It was my first trip to Manali. I remember the night before i had to leave for Manali. I could not sleep the whole night.My bags were packed and i was all set to leave for Manali. Next day I boarded the bus. The bus journey was hectic but enjoyable. I could not sleep the whole night waiting for the first glance of the majestic hills. Next morning i reached Manali, The fresh air and the beautiful scenery was an heavenly experience for me. I remember how i would wake up early in the morning when everyone else were sleeping and left the hotel room with my camera just to see the sunrise and capture the beautiful mountains,flowers,fruits and of course river Beas. The fresh wild air used to detoxicate my body and soul.

one day i was wandering on the roads of south manali and absorbing the scenic beauty.A strange fragrance hit my nostrils. The fragrance worked like a drug to me. I could not resist and started to follow that weird fragrance. i just wanted to know which fragrance was it and what was its source. without giving any second thought i started following the weird fragrance as if it had hypnotized me.  

I took the narrow lane where i could see small shops and homes at the sides. It was taking me to a different world.I could see certain groups of foreigners sitting and playing cards. An old man was having his food sitting at the corner. I continued to follow the fragrance.
My journey stopped and I saw a small temple. Now I knew the source of the Fragrance but i wanted to find out what kind of a fragrance was it. I quietly went inside the temple. There was a small room inside the temple , i prefered to go inside the room and check what is going inside it. The fragrance became stronger and stronger  as i stepped towards the room.
My curiosity ended when i went inside the room, the fragrance which made me infatuated was of INCENSE. A group of ladies were making the incense. The Fragrance was amazing. I decided to take some with them.
Now i am back in Delhi and whenever i miss Manali , i light the incense which gives me a feeling that i am in Manali.

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