Friday, 18 July 2014

Add Zest to your life!

Life is a story and it goes on till you are alive. I want to make my story interesting so that after few years when i look back, it is worth reading. Life is not a smooth journey for everyone, it has many speed breakers, bumpers and pot holes but it takes a courage to cross all the hurdles to reach the destination and to make things going all you need is the Zest and goal. I wont say my life is a fairy tale but at least i try my best to live my life in fairy tales. I have many dreams and wishes and i believe that my dreams and wishes get fulfilled at the right time. In my earlier articles i have mentioned that i was worried for my career and my dream job is teaching, I worked hard day and night and finally i got the opportunity to teach in a public school. Life is on the right track. I am loving my job. I always wanted to see me imparting knowledge and the feeling is awesome to stand in a respectable position and do something good for others. 
I think everyone must have the wish list or bucket list to make his/her life worth living. I also have many wishes and some of them are going to come true. As of now i will share my top five wishes...
Here they are....

1. A fairy tale wedding- Just like any other girl i have a dream to get married to a person who is perfect for me in all the way. Since my childhood i have been dreaming of having a wedding in English way. I would love to tie my knot in an environment which is sophisticated and elegant . The music should not be loud. I would prefer an instrumental music. The decoration of the hall should be with flowers and of course my wedding attire should be elegant and beautiful, but not too gaudy. I would love to wear a gown at any of my wedding parties.

2. My prince charming-Its not like that, i need a man to complete me. I am complete in my own way but everyone in life deserves to get loved. Getting my life partner who is perfect for me would complete my life. It would add a zest to it. i would be more confident and would move towards my goal more efficiently. A good life partner means having a good friend for the life time. He would inspire me in every way and whenever i fail or feel disheartened , he would motivate me to stand up again and move further. A good life partner treats his girl like a princess and  i am waiting for my perfect man who will see the best in me and would inspire me in every way.

3. To be a writer/ Author- Writing is my passion. I never thought my passion for writing would add a meaning to my life. Its my soul, whatever i write it is somewhere associated with me or my life. My biggest dream is to see my name on a book cover as an author. God is also supporting me to fulfill my dream. I remember i got excited when my poem got published in a well known magazine. It gave me a feeling of an author and i just can wait for the day when people would address me as "Author Shonali".

4.  To live in my dream house- I dream of having a house where  i would live with my family and a cute puppy. I am nature lover, I want a beautiful garden in front of my house and a small kitchen garden at the backyard. Greenery and scenic beauty drives me crazy. i cant stand a house which do not have any single plant. I am a well organized person and i love to decorate the interior. If  you see my room, it is filled with colours which keeps my soul positive and it surely adds  zest to my life. I cant live without books, reading takes me to the differnt world so having a mini library is the must and there are many other essential things which i have planed to make my house a HOME.

5. The Zest- I still remember when i first drove my car. I like driving on highways and clear roads where i would get less traffics. I would certainty love to drive The Zest from Tata motors which would increase my interest in driving. I enjoy driving when it is raining , with a light music. I just cant wait to drive the car and make the moment memorable.

Life is all about wishing and fulfilling your wishes, so Dream, wish, hope and work hard to make things done and dont forget to add the zest in life.

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  1. May all ur wishes come True sona

  2. Good one, Sonali. You have said a lot with this post :) May it all come true.

  3. Very nice post. May all your wishes come true Sonali :)

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