Tuesday, 22 July 2014

I love black!

Often people loving the colour black are considered as bold and powerful. Black is the colour of beauty and elegance. It completes all the colours of the universe. From a fashion designer to a gadget guru, every professional prefers to have black in their design. This colour goes well with all the colours.
However there is another side of this colour. Black color is associated with ego, mystery, rebellion and arrogance.
People wearing black are considered to be snooty and egoistic.  I am in love with this colour. You will find my wardrobe filled with stuffs black in colour. Black is the colour of sophistication for me. When I read about this contest to list only five black things I wish to have, I got confused. There are heaps of things I wish to have which are black in colour. However I realized I could have those things sooner or later but coming to my wilder side for this colour, I managed to note down these five black things which I would love to have someday...

1.Black Lipstick- I would love to try this lipstick someday. Apart from all the pinkish girly colours for the lips, applying black colour on the lips is an interesting idea for me. I could wear this colour on the occasion of Halloween. Sometimes it is ok to look devilish. It is one of the most striking colour and gives a very cheeky look.

2.Black colour bedroom- Its my fantasy to stay in a room which is filled with black colours. From black coloured bed to bedsheet and from black titles to the colour of the wall, everything should be in black. It gives me a royal feeling to stay in such kind of room. I would love to have photo frames  and statues in that room which are also black in the colour. I just want to experience this once.

3.Black Lampshade- I have a huge craving for lampshades. I always wanted to have a black colour lampshade with crystals for my drawing room. It would perfectly go along with the furniture and the wall cover. Having a black lampshade in your drawing room  gives a very classy look to it and adds to it's beauty.

4.Black Cloak- Ever since I started watching the movie- Harry potter, I have fallen in love with magical world. The best thing I liked about the movie was their Hogwarts's uniform which is a black cloak. I always wished to wear their kind of uniform in schools. However our world is very different from the movie. Unfortunately we don't wear black cloaks  now a days. If i get a chance to wear a cloak , i would love to design my own cloak which will be black in colour with small crystals engraved on it.

5.Black Butterfly broach- I love broaches and i have a huge collection of broaches of different designs and colours. I love to wear broaches with different dresses. However I have been searching for  a broach with a black butterfly design  which I can wear with a dress or a saree. Broaches can make a simple dress glamorous and it goes on with formal and informal wears. I wish to have a black butterfly broach.

Black is awesome
Black is beautiful
Black defines me!!!

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  1. OH yes Black is awesome
    Black is beautiful ..

    not sure if it defines me well maybe some people will say yes:) but black in now my favourite tooo


    1. yeah...i love black too... it goes with everything! :)

  2. Black is the most beautiful color. In USA, if you go to buy a brand new car, the same day you can take that car home. But if you want that car in black color, there is a one to two month waiting list.

    Mr. Ford, who invented automobiles, was once asked which color he prefers in his car. He said: I don't mind any color as long as it is black.

    1. wow SG... i didn't know that! black colour cars look better than any other car...as long as we keep it clean :P

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