Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Perfect black

Black colour is always considered to be formal and elegant. It is the colour which symbolizes royalty, power and authority. Black is often associated with sophistication, in any formal meetings or parties many men and woman prefer wearing black as it makes them look sophisticated and elegant. Some say that colour black gives your protection from external stress. It also in builds self-confidence within you.  For some people black colour is considered as peace of mind and tranquility.  However some people believe that black colour brings negative energy and fear. If you love black you are known to be independent, determined, strong, serious, determined and prestigious.

Black is the colour of comfort for me. I love this colour. I think this colour depicts a strong personality. I always have a strong desire for this colour.  I prefer black over other colours.  I am addicted to the colour black. According to me it is the colour which completes all the colours in the universe.  There are much stuff I have always dreamt of having which are black in colour.  
Here they are….

1-Black Mercedes Benz – My craze for the Black Mercedes Benz began ever since I saw this beauty on the road. It is considered to be the most sophisticated car on the earth. I have always dreamt of driving this car.  I believe that a well lived life is driving a car. Driving is my passion.  I would love to drive this car someday.

      2-Black princess gown-  I am a girl who believes in fairy tales and I also believe fairy tales do come true. One of the reason I love the fairy tales is because of the beautiful gowns and dresses worn by the princess. I just wish to see me wearing the beautiful black Gown with laces.  I think every girl should have at least one black dress in her wardrobe. It can be easily worn at any occasion whether formal or informal.

      3-Black Diamonds- Diamonds are said to be girl’s best friend but my best friend is sparkling zed black diamond. It’s a sign of royalty and elegance.  What better way to propose your love is gifting her black diamond.  I always wanted to wear a crown with black diamonds engraved in it. However I would not mind if someone gifts me a black diamond ring.

      4-Black cell phone/ tab-  I always prefer a gadget  in black colour. My cell phone and laptop  are  black in colour and I want my pad to be the same. The smooth and polished look  makes them more enlightened.  The black is an evergreen colour and I can carry my gadgets  at any place because black fits everywhere.

     5- Black pet dog- I love animals, especially dogs.  I really wish to have a pet dog who is black in colour. Black labs are sweet and affectionate.  According to me dogs in black colour  look more presentable and adorable. Having a black dog at home brings love, positivity and good energy and it can be easily visible in the snow.. LOL


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