Saturday, 19 July 2014

Read my dog's mind

Things would have been different if we could read everyone's mind. Humans are the animals who have many deep dark secrets . We are the most intelligent and smart creatures on the earth and that what makes us the most complicated creature too.I come across many people in life, having different personalities, nature, behaviour and I am sure that each one carries a secret inside. Everyone is mysterious. Sometimes I really feel i could read their minds but knowing what's going in their mind is not a very big deal. We can learn about their personality through body language or there will be many situations in life where you will get know about them. you will get a more clear picture. That is why we all say that life will teach you biggest lessons with time.
So it is clear that i dont want to read human's mind so who's mind I should read??? ummmm well!!! oh yeah..

I always wanted to know what my dog is trying to say. what does he want from me. It is an irony that animals cant speak their heart out. My dog always tries to say something but there are many situations i fail to understand him. So if i am blessed with the power to read someone's mind, it would definitely be my dog's mind. The two of us would have been living a convenient life if he could read my mind and i could read his mind. Things would be easily provided to him, if i could understand him. 

There are many situation when my dog seems sad and sits under the table. I have tried many times to cheer him up but things didnt work.
Whenever i want to take him to the Veterinarian, he hides himself somewhere and dont  come out.
I really wish i could read his mind to know what he wants for his birthday
what does he thinks whenever he sees me eating icecreams and chocolates????
I want to know his favourite colour so that i would gift him the same colour dress on his birthday.

 I love my dog soooo muchhhh and i want to keep him happy and make him the happiest dog on the earth. There are many things i want to know about him and if i could read his mind i know i what he would say to me-
woof woof!!!!
I am sad beacuse you are too busy with your work and you dont have enough time for me to play ball and hide and seek with me!! woof!
Please dont take me to the vet. I am scared of doctors and if you would next time i would not hesitate to bite him!!! grrrrr woooff!!!
I dont want to eat dog's food. I like junk food and my favourite is chocolate- The same chocolate which you eat everyday in front of me and dont share it with me.
I hate baths , i like to play in mud and with other street dogs and next time if you take me for the bath , i will roll on your carpet after the bath.
Yay!! Next month is my birthday and i want a bone and a blue dress for my birthday. Dont forget to invite my friends and I want a yummy birthday cake..

Note to my lovely dog- You are the cutest dog i have ever seen and i love you very much. I know i dont find enough time for you but i promise , from now onward i will play ball with you and take you to the park and this weekend we will go out for your birthday shopping. 

Baby! i know you love sweets but its not good for your health so i will get you some dog biscuits which exactly tastes like chocolates.

I am equally excited for your birthday and I have planned something very special for you.
I wish you a happy and long life! Keep barking!! muaaahh

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  1. Very beautiful post Sonali..
    And I must say you have a ver cute blog..loved the glittery design.
    First time visited your blog and loved it...Thanks for visiting mine

    Visit My Blog HERE

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking it . Love the way you write !!!
    Do join my blog as well

  3. Thanks Shaznin for your lovely comment... :)

  4. Excellent post. Wish you had posted his/her photo here. They are more intelli gentilly than humans.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
      so happy to see your comment :)

  5. AWWWW - I love my dog too and I worry when he looks sad or pale (yes, my dog can look pale and under the weather!) What kind of dog do you have?

    1. thanks Jules fr ur comment :)
      my dog was a Pomeranian bt he is no more and i really miss him :(

  6. Really sweet! :)
    Congrats for wow, Sonali :)

  7. When i was in india we had half a dozen dogs yeah i a mcrazy like that ... here in uk I had a pet but kept it for one week only as I was out of the house all the time and the dog was getting very frustrated and I did not think it was fair on him to be left alone all the time .. So I had to return it back.

    and this time when i went home to india the first few hours of me reaching were spent playin with my sweeties and they could smell me from far


    1. Our country needs more animal lovers like you...
      I love dogs too!! :)

  8. Glad to see your post in WOW short list :) Keep blogging

    1. Thanks Priyanka for encouraging me!!! keep commenting! :)

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