Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Switzerland...Here I come!

My love for Switzerland  began ever since i saw the photographs of the country in my childhood . The majestic snow covered peaks alps   made me fall in love with that country. I started exploring the Switzerland on the net. The delicious European cuisine,monuments,coasts and diversified culture,beautiful places  made Switzerland my dream destination after France. I have been saving amount to visit Switzerland for a long time and today i am a proud owner of Rs one lakh from my humble pocket money and monetary gifts from real and dear ones .Next task for me was to check how to manage the trip and enjoy the trip to the fullest.I am here to write how to travel across Switzerland  on a shoestring budget which is difficult for some. Thanks to skyscanner for making my dream come true.

Travelling to a new destination is always about excitement. As we know Switzerland  is the country which is beautiful,peaceful as well as expensive. so it will be a huge challenge to create a holiday which fits my budget.
So i have planned my trip to Switzerland and booked my flight through skyscanner which has helped me get the lowest airfare as compared to other holiday planning sites which is only about Rs 40000. so now i have Rs60,000 in my pocket which i have to utilize the best.

It is said that the best way to travel in Switzerland is by local train. i have planned my trip to Zurich as i have heard that i can enjoy the beautiful stunning views on the way which would multiply my excitement. I am planning to visit a tiny village called Zermatt which is packed with tourists on peak winter months so i am planning to visit in summers.there are many ways to get around in Zermatt like taxi,buses,horse cart-rages  but i will prefer to travel by bus. I am planning to stay in the mountains for which i have to buy a ticket which would costs around 10 euros. The best way to enjoy the trip at lesser budget is to stay with the localite or a youth hostel which fits my budget than other hotels which are quite expensive and the restaurants at the top are pocket friendly where i can enjoy my cuisine at the snow covered peaks and i can enjoy the best view of Switzerland. I can also enjoy at the local parks and visit the places which are free for the tourists.
It is said that if we want to shop in Switzerland, we have to shop like locals. Migros and coop are the important restaurant where i can enjoy the food at cheaper prize. It is always better to carry cash as ATM  machines are abundant and they charge transaction fee.
I have no words to thank skyscanner which has helped me at every step in guiding me to plan my trip to my dream destination...

Switzerland...Here I come!
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